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Remain B.V.

Remain is a specialist and leader in software life-cycle support. With its TD/OMS Solution Remain offers companies insight in the coherence (association) between the various software components for the System i platform as well as Windows and UNIX environments. This makes changing software components easy to use and streamlines the software development process.



Tango/04  Computing Group

Tango/04's award winning software solutions for the IBM System i (iSeries and AS/400), Windows and other platforms enable companies of all sizes to reach their increasingly demanding IT service level objectives by managing and controlling all systems and applications. Business performance is optimized, systems run continuously, and operating costs are reduced.  


Prodata Computer Services Inc.

For years ProData has been serving the Midrange community. Starting with the System/3 thru the System/38 & AS/400 and continuing on today with the iSeries and into the future with the next computer generation. ProData is committed to quality, performance and service.



Gumbo Software Inc.

Since 1988, Gumbo Software, Inc. has been delivering some of the best utility software available for IBM's System i (iSeries and AS/400) to customers around the world.






Enforcive develops network and data-security products for System i (iSeries and AS/400), zSeries (mainframe) and open systems. The company also manages custom projects in the security field. For more than a decade, the company has been providing security solutions to large organizations with rigorous security demands such as banks, insurance companies and public institutions.  





SoftLanding Systems Inc.

SoftLanding specialises in Software Management. Since 1989, SoftLanding have helped companies of every size in every industry bring order to the increasingly complex process of developing and maintaining their System i (iSeries and AS/400) and all midrange applications. In the process, customers have increased IT productivity, improved application availability, and protected their valuable software assets. SoftLanding is the leader in iSeries Software Management innovation and reliability. The real Software Management experts.



Valok GMSS

Technical Support


Valok GMSS is serious about providing excellent support.

When you call us, you'll talk with a friendly, knowledgeable tech support professional who will focus on your question, not the clock. We give you the answers you need, when you need them.

This level of support applies before the sale as well as after. So while you're evaluating our products, don't forget to test our commitment to excellence.

Your annual maintenance fee entitles you to the following services from Valok GMSS:

"Unlimited Phone, E-mail, and Fax Support"

You get unlimited, toll-free (Australia only) technical support during normal working hours.

You can also e-mail your questions to us. We are ready to help!

If you are planning a major installation, upgrade, DR test or similar activities, we can provide after hours support on a fee for service basis. 

If you would like further information about our commitment to excellence call us on 1300 301 957.

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