What is the key Valok GMSS differentiator?

Unlike many of our competitors, Valok GMSS’s Sydney based staff provide in house technical support in real time throughout the Asia Pacific time zone.  Staff have been fully trained and certified by the Software Vendors we represent in the Asia Pacific region.  This knowledge allows Valok GMSS to provide to its customer’s first class Professional Services including all aspects of pre and post sales support and ongoing training and education services as required, without the involement or assistance of the International Software Vendor. 


What type of Software Licensing is available?

For most of our products Valok GMSS offers 3 types of agreements:

  • A perpetual software license agreement
  • A straight software rental agreement
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) agreement


What Technical Support services are available?

Valok GMSS provides local 1st and 2nd Level Support from its Sydney based offices. Customers can contact our Support Team by Phone or Email to raise an Incident or lodge a Request. Our KPI's require our Technical Support Team to process at least 75% of all reported incidents locally with a turnaround time of 1 business day or less.


Can I get a Demo of the product I am interested in?

Yes - Valok GMSS will provide a free customer specific demonstration of the products and solutions we offer to our customers after the customer's requirements have been established. Depending on the product of interest, this will occur either On-Site or via a Web based link.


Are License Keys required?

Yes - All of the products and solutions we offer require a license key to function. For demos, evaluations and other specific instances "temporary" license keys are available. Contact our office for details.


Is assistance with the installation and customization of products available?

Yes - Valok GMSS will provide all the assistance required to be able to successfully install and customize our products and solutions through our Professional Services team.


Are product training workshops available?

Yes - Valok GMSS will provide all the required training services On-Site to ensure your staff is fully trained in the use of our products and solutions through our Professional Services team. The workshops run from 1-5 Days and if required, can be customized to your specific needs.

In addition, short training refresher workshops are also available via our Webex based training facilities.

Did you Know ....


... our SCM Multi-Platform support?

Any Operating System Platform or Device that supports TCP/IP can be managed by our SCM Solution.



...about PDQ's "open" design?

 Many commands and exit points are available for your convenience, allowing you to "snap" PDQ into virtually any tool or process.



...that TimeFlash with TD/OMS reduces application downtime during a database conversion/reorg in four key ways?

 -- Data is converted in a background staging library; live data is read-only.

-- TimeFlash watches the journal to keep the staging data and live data in synch.

-- All logical files are attached to the staging physical file during conversion, so no access paths need rebuilding.

-- The final move to production, is enabled by one simple command.







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