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TurnOver PDQ, a unique database change product from SoftLanding, Promotes Data Quickly and eliminates the pain inherent in data file upgrades and reorganizations. Using advanced high availability and change management techniques, TurnOver PDQ allows your users to maintain read/write access to databases while upgrades are taking place. Only during the final minutes of the conversion do users have to exit from the application. Consider the possibilities!


Cut system downtime from hours to minutes.

TurnOver PDQ works behind the scenes to reorganize or convert data without taking applications offline. It can transparently convert data for days while users continue business as usual.


Users' updates are journaled, and those updates are periodically converted and applied to the new file. Once all data files have been converted or reorganized, users exit the application briefly while the final journaled changes are applied and the new files are moved into production. You can use TurnOver PDQ regardless of whether or not you currently journal your files.


Continue business as usual while conversions take place.

With the exception of the few minutes it takes to apply the final journaled changes and move the converted files into production, users have all normal read/write authorities throughout the update. Business continues as usual.


Reduce risk during data file reorganizations and conversions.

In the past, reorgs or conversions left you and your systems exposed to potential problems. What will you do if your job doesn’t finish on time? What if the job fails? Can you restore your old production data? If so, how long will that take? When can your business tolerate more downtime to try again?


With TurnOver PDQ, these risks are eliminated. PDQ makes all of your changes in a safe staging environment — your bet-the-business data is touched only at the very end when you’re ready to move the new files into production. PDQ handles and reports most data errors, preventing your job from crashing. Finally, if the results are not what you expected, or the PDQ process ends abnormally, you’ve lost nothing but run time. Your business incurs no unproductive downtime.


Respond quickly to changes that could help your business.

If you don’t have to worry about scheduling lengthy downtime or exposing your systems to damaging errors, you can react immediately to the change requests that keep your company competitive.


Convert or reorganize data anytime without impacting your business.

You no longer have to wait for a holiday weekend to run your database conversion jobs. No matter how large your data files, TurnOver PDQ can upgrade or reorganize them without disrupting the flow of your business.


Reclaim disk space regularly.

Keep system overhead to a minimum by regularly reorganizing your data files. If your company has avoided reorganizations in the past because it can’t afford the downtime, you could recover significant DASD.


Change multiple files simultaneously.

Changes that involve more than one data file traditionally require additional planning, risk, and potential downtime as you synchronize the conversion process for all the files. TurnOver PDQ lets you convert several files concurrently, preparing them for movement into production. Users have access to all the files until you're ready to apply the final journal changes and move the new files to production. Whether you're converting one or many files, it takes only minutes of downtime to change them all.


Generate conversion programs quickly and easily.

Some data file changes require complicated conversion logic. TurnOver PDQ includes a Conversion Program Wizard that lets you create conversion programs effortlessly. Even less experienced programmers find the Wizard intuitive and effective.


Manage complex file and member structures.

TurnOver PDQ lets you set up the new file's members and its related logical files exactly as they appear in production, ensuring that your conversion proceeds smoothly.



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